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Modutrol Motor Cross-Reference. INSTALLATION. When Installing this Product 1. Read these instructions carefully. Failure to follow Connectors, cables and terminals join electrical and electronic components by providing a pathway for circuits to travel and entry points on equipment to power63-2190 – Series 90 Modutrol IV Motorsproteksc.com › pdfproteksc.com › pdfPDF motors not listed in this manual were not on file at the time of publication and, therefore, TO USE THIS MANUAL M9181A1012 M9184A1001 M9184A1019. by MIVON Guide · 2002 · Cited by 22 — Never use a Modutrol Motor continuously at the Breakaway Torque rating. INSTALLATION. When Installing this Product 1. Read these instructions carefully. Honeywell M9184A1019 – 24V Non-Spring Return Foot Mounted Actuator, 150 lb-in – Series 90 Modutrol IV motors non-spring return modulating MANUALS (1). M9184A1019/U Q209 Manual Potentiometer for Modutrol Motors Used for remote manual control of proportioning (Series 90) motors and relays. N/A, M9184A1019, N/A, FALSE N/A, M9184A1019, Check voltage & stroke of motor, FALSE 135 ohm, M9184A1019, Q181: slaved motor application, FALSE.We have 1 Honeywell M9184 series manual available for free PDF download: Product Data. Honeywell M9184 series Product Data (16 pages).